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    16 Tweets From This Weekend That Genuinely Made Me Laugh

    "Kinda rude i wasn’t born into a multimillionaire family."

    Here are some funny tweets from this weekend for anyone who might need a laugh, a distraction, or just something light to read. Enjoy and stay safe.

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    my ex: i want u back me: my groupchat said no

    Twitter: @jaziahhhh


    Twitter: @tipsykxng


    Me getting up to pee after being comfortable in bed

    Twitter: @fuckyouginny


    Man went to the barbershop and pointed at his own picture from 2002

    Twitter: @_TwoFootIn


    bro got his fit hung up like he Batman

    Twitter: @__yaj_


    I swear all dads will know ur friends for 7+ years and still be like “who??”

    Twitter: @nowdeadbrb


    i be like “i don’t give a f*ck” and then my stomach hurts

    Twitter: @aethosnia


    I’m sorry doors like this in a house are so embarrassing. Like imagine getting in a fight with your boyfriend and you have to walk to your room and roll-close your barn door.

    Twitter: @mfbenji


    him: i wanna see the receipts. me:

    Twitter: @mitchoo_oo


    discussing j cole’s new music with my man <3

    Twitter: @lesliesrv
    @lesliesrv / Via Twitter: @lesliesrv


    “So you saying it’s safe to go out without a mask?” CDC:

    Twitter: @jbrous41


    cdc said i could finally take my mask off.

    Twitter: @Iameaschris


    kinda rude i wasn’t born into a multi millionaire family

    Twitter: @playboyylos


    me: i read pets are important for home security wife: omg are we getting a dog me: *opening briefcase full of bees* bees

    Twitter: @coolmathgame_


    dogs love barking at me like 1000ft from their house. what are you a land surveyor. you don't know what a property line is bitch shutup

    Twitter: @dril


    plot twist over plot twist mare

    Twitter: @Dontifex

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