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    Updated on Dec 2, 2019. Posted on Dec 2, 2019

    19 Of The Funniest Tweets From This Week

    LOL @ the girl whose mom dressed her as a hookah for Halloween.




    Happy Thanksgiving! My dog ate the cheesecake while we were in a different room!


    My dad is drinking a to-go cup of clam chowder while driving like it’s a latte I am horrified and folks I’m back in Massachusetts



    This kid I used to babysit for almost ten years ago just found my IG and immediately dmed me to let me know that I was the first girl he ever jerked off to. Oh


    Pulling up to the event with the clawserole



    this year’s friendsgiving was one for the books 😌 📚


    there’s no way he hasn’t kiIIed at least 6 people


    Don’t thumbs up my text just say you fucking hate me



    So my grandpa has been drinking White Claws for an entire month without knowing they contain alcohol


    I guess we will just never solve the mystery of who stole the cookie...🤷‍♂️


    The fact that my grandma went on strike this Thanksgiving and went to Vegas instead is mind blowing. Homegirl not even answering her phone. 😒😂


    me: little kids are so cute, I can't wait to have one 😢 little kid: *screams* me:


    Papa John looks like the guy in a zombie movie that gets bit and tries to hide it from the rest of the group


    one time i shut myself in my room and listened to linkin park while crying because a girl told me she wouldn't be able to go to with me to the 2005 nickelodeon's kids choice awards if i were to hypothetically win tickets in a sweepstakes i saw in a commercial but never entered


    last year, i went on a date with a dude and when i told him i was reading Animal Farm again, he laughed obnoxiously for an entire minute and said i was too old to be reading children’s books. i think about that a lot. ...i wonder if he’s still an idiot.

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