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    18 Hilarious Tweets — JUST From This Weekend

    "Crossfaded (had a Coke and a Diet Coke)."

    Here are some funny tweets from this weekend for anyone who might need a laugh, a distraction, or just something light to read. Enjoy and stay safe.

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    Twitter: @adamgreattweet


    You be in a line at TJ Maxx with a just shirt, by the time you get to the cashier you done picked up some gourmet popcorn, a neck pillow, doggy bed, phone charger, LED lights, water bottle, some weights, Uno cards, and a yoga mat

    Twitter: @TrademarkJuice


    How I look when I have the entire movie theater to myself

    Twitter: @heyjaeee


    I want to personally thank Pfizer for allowing me to safely get my back blown out but also allowing me to understand a date with a man is still a date with a man

    Twitter: @nicolebyer


    hot girl summer implies the existence of cold bitch winter

    Twitter: @phoebe_bridgers


    Siri be like

    Twitter: @veryharryhill


    Twitter: @warmfourloko


    imagine being 27 and still telling people you were in a gifted program in middle school. babe you didn’t serve in war you just did long division well. please move past this.

    Twitter: @calebsaysthings


    the casting tape of blake lively for gossip girl

    Twitter: @LAVIDAPRADA


    Twitter: @solondzy


    Crossfaded (had a Coke and a Diet Coke)

    Twitter: @jackies_backie


    When you have to read the same page over and over cause you keep zoning out

    Twitter: @manlikerex


    Idc if the argument was 3 weeks ago! If i find out new information, I’m coming back for round 2!!😂😭😭✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽

    Twitter: @twelve2_


    Woke up to breakfast ready for me, it’s the little things 💛

    Twitter: @what_the_yuli


    “I’m gonna take a quick nap” *8 hours later Me confused af:

    Twitter: @Ohluwatoscene


    if i’m ever this cold bring me home!!!!😂

    Twitter: @brayylon125


    Twitter: @bitchiwas999


    The fact that Elvis was drafted into the military at the height of his stardom is so crazy to me. Like imagine you’re in the middle of a war and ya hear someone shout “cover me” and it’s Beyoncé

    Twitter: @steeve_again

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