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Just Literally 19 Hilarious Tweets From This Weekend

The ocean is a soup???

Here are some funny tweets from this weekend for anyone who might need a laugh, a distraction, or just something light to read. Enjoy and stay safe.

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I went in my brothers room just now to talk to him, and I layed in his bed and poked him. And some random girl turned around and said “Your brother went to get us food”. WTF. 🤣🤣🤣


the ocean is technically soup bc it has salt veggies meat and it’s been heating up


thinking about this exchange with my landlord in February


if we all have kids by next year we can get more streams so start getting pregnant


mfs be like “yeah bro just follow me” and then be driving like this


kicking the weekend off right!! (laying in bed watching a 20 min video about a vegan youtuber’s fall from grace)


“Omg you’re free” - me as a judge


i want a dog that’s so small i can’t even see it and it doesn’t poop or peep does that make sense


new CRAZY character!! a hot and single woman who slyly lays mouth eggs when confused


Me on Zillow with $14.27 in my bank account: “Only one bathroom??? No thank you, next.”


the sexual tension between me and the leave meeting button


i think it's fucked up that for the 2020s we didnt even get the roarin part like in the past we just went straight to the depression


me not liking emojis was elitist behavior... i was limiting myself and for WHAT


How do men find pillows that flat? I have never seen flat lifeless pillows being sold and yet men always own them


remembering the time i dropped an unsafe amount of acid and then texted one of the hottest girls i knew “can god fix me?”


*All classes are online now* Lunch ladies:


waiter: is everything ok boomer: my ice is too cold


babies be like help me or I will literally die


you think you know what a train looks like until you gotta prove you're not a robot

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