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    Travis Barker Feeling Up Kourtney Kardashian In Front Of Kris Jenner Is All The Awkward I Can Take For The Day


    Hello there. I'm putting my journalism minor to good use today and bringing you a bizarre, awkward, and short story.

    Ready? OK.

    Last night, the Kardashians celebrated Kris Jenner's birthday with an in-house karaoke party. Kris gave us everything with a performance of "Build Me Up Buttercup."

    Kim performed "U Remind Me" by Usher and was very "go girl, give us nothing" (she admitted karaoke wasn't her thing).

    Anyway, Kourtney was obvs there with her fiancé, Travis Barker. In Khloé's Instagram story, we can see Kourt sitting on Trav's lap.

    The PDA icons lived up to their reputation because in the middle of Kris's performance, Travis started to feel up Kourtney:

    Travis with his hand on Kourt's breast

    Imagine doing that in front of your partner's mom. So awkward.

    But when Khloé panned over to Kris, she seemed too busy in her karaoke glory to care or notice.

    Kris hugging someone with the caption "I love you guys!"

    Kris was basically like:

    Good for her. I'm slightly uncomfy, but good for her. And Kourt. And Travis. That's all, bye!