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Tom Brady Just Commented On A Meme About Eating Ass And I'm Done

You read that correct.

Ok, you clicked on this, so let's get straight to the point. @BarstoolSports posted this Insta, saying "As soon as bae gets out of the shower #AssEatinSZN."

And Tom Brady — superstar quarterback and husband of Gisele Bündchen — commented on it.

Yup! Here's what he said:

Mhm, Tom Brady is apparently here for #AssEatinSZN.

I feel like this comment/interaction is the most on — yet off — brand thing Tom Brady has ever done.

People who saw the comment were a combination of LOL/OMG/WOW:

I mean, good for them!!!!!!

I'll leave you with this gif of what Tom prob looks like when Gisele gets out of the shower: