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    Posted on Apr 24, 2017

    So, There's Actually A Reason Your Favorite Cartoon Characters Are All Yellow


    Did you ever notice that your favorite cartoon characters are yellow?


    I mean, we've got SpongeBob, Tweety, Winnie the Pooh, Minions, Pikachu, The Simpsons, Pluto, etc.

    Nickelodeon / Warner Bros. / FXX / Pokemon USA

    In other words:


    And these legends are yellow for a a few reasons. @ChannelFrederator explains in this video:

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    The first reason is this thing called color theory — which uses a color wheel to show which colors complement each other.

    Berezka_klo / Getty Images

    Yellow and purple complement each other.

    Well on TV, they use a ~cool~ color wheel, called the RGB model. In this model, YELLOW actually complements BLUE.

    @ChannelFrederator / Via

    And blue is one of the most common backgrounds in animation:

    FXX / Nickelodeon

    The second reason is color psychology, which examines what colors are associated with. For instance, colors like red are associated with negative stuff, like rage.


    Remember Anger and Sadness from Inside Out?

    But yellow is an ACTIVE color, and it's associated with happiness and energy. So obviously you want a character that reflects those qualities.


    The third reason is our eyes. They pick up yellow pretty quickly. Here's a science thing to show that:

    This is why stuff like caution signs and taxis are yellow. They stand out.

    Comedy Central


    Pokemon USA

    Another bonus reason: Most people who are colorblind can still see yellow!

    @ChannelFrederator / Via

    In conclusion, yellow characters go well with the commonly used blue background, are associated with happiness and energy, draw attention, and can be seen by people who are colorblind!




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