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Tiny Foods Are The Newest Trend And They’re Weird But Also The Coolest Thing I’ve Ever Laid Eyes Upon

Also strangely satisfying.

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So Tastemade's Tiny Kitchen series is a series that features small food — and people are obsessed with it. Here's some of the stuff they've made.

1. They somehow made M&Ms even smaller??

2. Munchkins are shaking.

Tiny Sausage & Egg Sandwich 🍳

3. Tiny, HAPPIER meal:

Tiny McDonald's Happy Meal 🍔🍟

4. The only time you'd settle for less pizza:

5. You could always have deep dish, though.

6. Ok, cute:

7. The tiny cake is great, but let's talk about that kitchen:

Tiny Pineapple Upside-Down Cake 🎂

8. This is art:

9. Wow, the precision:

10. And, of course, they even have mini oven mitts to make this tiny apple pie:

11. And these look amazing:

12. This cookie setup is beautiful:

13. This steak entree is classier than me:

14. This corndog is legendary:

15. As is this pasta.

16. This shrimp tempura is culinary greatness:

Rock on, Tiny Kitchen. You can follow them on Twitter and Instagram.


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