12 Times Rich And Famous Celebs Were Unable Or Didn't Know How To Do Normal People Stuff

    COME. ON.

    This week, Kendall Jenner sparked headlines, memes, and just strong reactions after she struggled to cut a cucumber in the latest episode of The Kardashians.

    The way Kendall Jenner cut that cucumber will haunt me

    Twitter: @badtasticb

    “I’m making it myself. Just gonna chop up some cucumber — it’s pretty easy," she told Kris Jenner, who told her to be careful.

    The model eventually responded to the hoopla, quote-tweeting someone who was dragging her and said, "Tragic!"

    Twitter: @KendallJenner

    So, Kendall's cucumber fail got me thinking about other times celebs couldn't/didn't know how to do basic, normal people stuff. Here are 12 other examples:

    1. Kylie Jenner admitted she didn't know how to do laundry — even though she had just purchased a whole-ass HOUSE:

    Kylie Jenner saying she doesn't know how to do her own laundry.

    2. And had very little idea what "credit" was:

    Kylie Jenner admitting she doesn't know what credit is.

    3. ...or how to IRON!!!!!!!!

    Kylie Jenner admitting she doesn't know how to iron clothes.

    4. Erika Girardi didn't know how to deposit a check until she was almost 50. "I learned how to go into a bank in March. I didn't know how to deposit; I never had a debit."

    Erika Girardi admitting she didn't know how to deposit a check until she was 50.

    5. And then Kathy Hilton — whose net worth is reportedly $350 million — agreed that she doesn't know how to use banks and debit cards, either:

    Closeup of Kathy Hilton

    6. Kathy also didn't know how to sweep — she used a grill cleaner to "sweep up" shards of broken glass in one RHOBH episode.

    Kathy Hilton using a grill cleaner to sweep up glass.

    7. Oprah admitted to Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling that she has no clue how to pump gas: “I gotta just say, I wouldn't know what to do."

    Closeup of Oprah Winfrey

    8. Bill Gates had zero idea what anything costs — and how to grocery shop — in modern times. In a skit on Ellen, he guessed that pizza rolls were $22.

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    In the skit, he guessed wrong for other basic essentials like Rice-A-Roni and Tide Pods, as well.

    9. Sophia Umansky — daughter of Kyle Richards — didn't know how to clean a toilet. "Why do I have to clean the toilet? It flushes itself."

    Kyle Richards, Sophia Umansky, and Mauricio Umansky in "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

    10. James Corden didn't know how to wash his hair, admitting he only washes it once every two months:

    James Corden saying, "I'm in and out in three or four minutes."

    11. And lastly, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie didn't know what Walmart was:

    Ah, celebs! They may have more money than us, but at least we've got them beat when it comes to ironing, laundry, and a whole lot more!