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Employers Are Sharing Times Applicants Instantly Got Rejected And I'm Like, Wow

I just have no words...

Earlier this week, Reddit user @dancit28 asked, "Employers of reddit, how did the job candidate instantly lose the job?"

Spoiler alert — don't be like these applicants:

"Kid shows up in an interview for a sales job in a Metallica raglan with a dagger coming out of a toilet. His shirt says, 'Metal up your ass!'"


"Applicant said, 'So are any of the guys here single?' during the interview."


"Applicant said, 'Does this place have a policy on drugs, because I have fun at the weekends?'"


“A young lad comes in for a production role. Goes through the niceties and rigmarole. Does OK. As we’re wrapping up, I ask if he has any questions and he says, ‘Can I have the the blonde babe’s number?’ about a team member.”


"His cover letter was just a piece of paper that said 'COVER LETTER' on it."


"I had a guy nearly flip a forklift during his working interview."


"He assumed he had the job during the interview, so he was very relaxed. Leaned back in the chair, showed up late, and texted the whole time."


"Listen, I get it, I smoke plenty of pot — in my off time. But don't come in to work smelling like you just finished smoking a blunt in the parking lot."


"I'm a manager at a popular 24-hour restaurant chain in the South. I had a younger guy come in for an interview, who had some decent experience and was very polite over the phone, but when he showed up, I immediately knew we wouldn't be hiring him. He came in to the restaurant with no shoes or shirt on."


"Work starts at 8 a.m. Guy asks, 'How about you make an exception for me and let me start around 10?'"


"He placed his unlit, half-smoked cigarette on my desk at the start of the interview."


"The candidate hit my car in the parking lot."


“It was a handwritten résumé that was just a list of the 10 places this gentleman had worked at over the last two years. Next to each one he wrote ‘fired’ or ‘quit.’”


You can read the full thread and all responses here!

Note: Some responses were edited for length and/or clarity.