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This Wendy's In Texas Is At War With Its Cross-Street Rival And It's Savage And Hysterical

They have major beef.

So about a month ago in Lubbock, Texas, Pure Water Ice & Tea company started major beef with its neighbor, Wendy's, with this sign:

Obviously, Wendy's clapped back even harder with this sign.

After that, the friendly-but-also-savage feud had officially begun.

They posted a series of incredible back-and-forth zingers. Wendy's came for Pure Water's brewing skills.

And Pure Water basically said, "Watch it, Wendy's."

...which obviously didn't stop Wendy's from serving up this amazing burn:

Still, Pure Water wasn't impressed:

But the internet sure was.

@Bbass27 @Wendys @PureWaterIce Love it. @Wendys and @PureWaterIce