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I'm Obsessed With This Text Message Kanye Sent Kim Kardashian

We stan.

Obviously, you know Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are married with four kids.

And we all know that Kanye sometimes doesn't like to show emotions. It's just how he is.

Well, on Monday morning, Kim posted texts from Kanye and they're beautiful. "This is your life," he started off the message.

The first accomplishment he brought up was their beautiful family together. I mean, look how cute they all are:

Then he brought up "getting people out of jail," referring to 62-year-old Alice Johnson, who was eventually granted clemency after Kim advocated for her release. Johnson was serving a life sentence for a first-time drug offense.

He then brought up one of Kim's lifelong dreams, getting the "cover of Vogue," which she absolutely slayed.

And lastly, he praised Kim and how she attends church every week with her family.

"Dreams come true," he concluded the text. Yes they do. So happy for her.

And I'm so happy we got to see Kanye expressing his emotions in such an amazing way.

These texts made me believe in love and melted my cold heart. I stan the Kardashian Wests.