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    This Professor Went On An Insane Anti-Pomegranate Rant And It's Going Viral


    These are pomegranates.

    And on Thursday, professor Dr. Jane Martino's rant about them went mega-viral after one of her students posted this video.

    The clip amassed more than 75,000 retweets and 170,000 likes.

    In her rant, Dr. Martino repeatedly screamed "NO POMEGRANATES! NO POMEGRANATES!" and said she doesn't want anyone thinking about them, eating them, or sniffing them.

    Obviously, when the internet got ahold of this, everyone was like, UMMM??!!!

    Turns out, Dr. Martino's rant was part of her psychology class and was her way of showing how children are taught to "dislike/like something."

    "We were discussing in class how meaningless the word 'no' is," Dr. Martino told International Business Times. "I went into the rant to make sure my students knew the 'rule.' Before making a big deal about it the students were not thinking about them. Afterward they sure were! Tell your kids what to think about and just skip the 'no' part."

    I mean, this whole rant beats a normal PowerPoint. And either way, Dr. Martino is a legend.