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This Man Attempted To Break The "Bee-bearding" World Record And It's Fucked Up

I'm just done.

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This is bee-bearding. It's a thing that people do. You let the bees make a beard (and eventually, in some cases, cover your body).

Jay Nolan / Associated Press

Well, on Thursday, Juan Carlos Noguez Ortiz attempted to break the world record for bee-bearding — which was 53 minutes, 34 seconds — by covering himself with over 100,000 bees.


Here's the beginning stage:

Un-bee-lievable: Man attempts world record for bee 'bearding' in Yonge-Dundas Square

Yup, casual.

You must Bee kidding!: Man attempting to wear record number of bees at Yonge-Dundas Square

Juan managed to ~bee~ covered for over an hour, breaking the record!

Well done Juan! @dickeybeehoney is now removing the Queen Bee. Over an hour having full head covered in bees…

Of course, people were like NOPE.

@CP24 I don't think I can say nope enough regarding this.

Im currently watching some guy at dundas square in a bubble with 120000 bees covering him.... HOW BOUT NO.

You can watch the attempt here:

An "un-bee-lievable" attempt at a Guinness World Record - man has head covered with 100,000 bees at #YDSquare…

P.S. Congrats, Juan!!!


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