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    This Fan's Backstage Encounter With Lady Gaga Will Make You Feel A Million Emotions


    You probably know that Lady Gaga's Joanne World Tour is happening now.

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    Well, on Tuesday, Gaga wore pearls during her performance of "Edge of Glory."

    It was because of her interaction with this fan, Courtney B.

    Courtney B.

    The fan said she went backstage before the show, where Gaga pulled her aside. She told Gaga how much her album Born This Way helped her "as a young kid who was a scared closeted gay."

    Read this beautiful backstage experience at the #JoanneWorldTour Sacramento and watch Lady Gaga talk about it here:…

    She said Gaga's album Joanne — which is named after Gaga's deceased aunt — helps her now, as she is recently grieving the loss of her aunt, Lisa. This is why she decided to give Gaga her aunt's pearls.

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    "I told her this represented a significant, powerful woman who shaped mine and my family’s life," she said. "Eventually, she agreed to keep them after I told her 'I’m not much of a pearl girl anyways.' She asked for my aunt's name one more time and I reminded her that it was Lisa. I left the room with her still wearing them."


    Well, once it was time for "Edge of Glory," Courtney saw this! Gaga was talking about her!

    Gaga also explained the meaning behind the pearls:

    And then dedicated the song to Lisa.

    After the concert, Courtney posted this:

    You can watch the full performance here. It's worth it.

    View this video on YouTube

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