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This Hotel Owner Criticized Gordon Ramsay For Cursing And You Can Guess How That Went

Oh no...

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Ok, so you know that Gordon Ramsay is not one to hold back ever. And when he goes in on someone, he usually swears.


Well, a hotel owner on Hotel Hell decided to tell Gordon he didn't appreciate his language:

Gordon responded sarcastically, of course, and then asked why he felt that way:

The owner then said he didn't like how Gordon used the F word.

Then Gordon went in on him:

That's when the owner literally told Gordon Ramsay he doesn't know shit:

Gordon was like really????? YOU JUST CURSED!

The owner then apologized to his mom:

He then gets schooled even more on what it means to be an owner. But the moral of the story: DON'T GET BRAVE WITH GORDON. EVER!


You can watch the full mess here!

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