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    This Woman's Search For Her Ancestry Led Her To Find Her Real Father And It's Just A Great Story

    "Who's my father, Mom?"

    This is Chassity. She's a realtor, bookkeeper, and aunt of three. Before now, she had never known her father.

    One day she was mad at her family on her mother's side for mistreating her. "I wanted to bust wide open this rumor about my paternal side, so I did the most dramatic thing and got a DNA test," she told BuzzFeed.

    Once it arrived, she sent her samples in and eventually received these results:

    I got these results from my DNA results

    Twitter: @MsClark_

    But one part of the report stuck out to her.

    So she did some more research.

    And realized something was up.

    So Chassity called her sister, who would press her mom about this new info.

    She knew her mom was not telling her the whole story.

    Eventually, she just straight-up asked her mom, "Who is my father?" and got his name — which was different than the name she's had her whole life.

    So she called her aunt to get more info, which led to finding her father's Facebook page.

    She knew it was him.

    So she sent him a message. And waited. At first, there was no response.

    But the next morning, she woke up and saw this:

    And he had lived nearby her entire life, but he couldn't find her because of her different last name.

    The two reunited and took a selfie!

    And he showed her baby pics!

    And Chassity found out she has a half-sister!


    Of course, people loved her story.

    And even shared their own experiences.

    As of today, Chassity said her and her father's relationship is great. "He texts me 'Good morning, beautiful' almost daily. His love for me comes through in our conversations."

    And yes, they're planning a meetup! "We're actually planning the meet with my newfound sister and his other family members. I'm sure I'll see him a few times this week alone."


    Chassity's message for anyone in a similar situation: Go for it.

    Thank you for sharing, Chassity. 👏

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