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    This Flight Attendant Shared Why You Shouldn't Order Coffee On A Flight And I'm Done, Y'all

    "I am disgusted."

    On Friday, Inside Edition interviewed flight attendant Jamila Hardwick, who shared some inside tips on flying.

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    For example, bring wet wipes to clean the tray tables, because they're drenched in germs.

    Yeah, that's important, but kinda boring.

    I was, however, shookified by her revealing that she and her colleagues never order coffee or tea.

    "You might wanna think about ordering something other than coffee or tea," she told Inside Edition.

    "The thing about the coffee and the tea is that the pipes are rarely clean."

    According to Inside Edition, "Airlines are only required to disinfect the water tanks four times a year."

    That's, like, every three months, according to math.

    In conclusion, I am disgusted, and never drinking coffee or tea on a plane ever again. And airline associations, you guys better have a meeting and rectify this quick. BYE!

    You can watch the full segment here.