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    13 Tweets From 2019 That Have 1,000,000+ Likes And Deserve It

    There's a reason they have a mil.

    1. This dog bed moment:

    My boss was gone one day so I put his dog’s bed in my office so he wasn’t lonely and now every morning this happens

    2. This iconic bottle challenge:

    Challenge accepted! #bottletopchallenge

    3. This beautiful son–mother moment:

    my father passed away when I was 1 and I only have a few shirts of his so I wore one for date night with my momma💕🤞🏽

    4. This number neighbor fail:

    My number neighbor fried the shit out of me

    5. This tear-jerking grandfather–granddaughter moment:

    my grandparents came to look after me after my surgery and my grandad told me he wanted to make me feel better, he told me he’s been painting my nan’s nails for 30 years and that he wanted to paint mine and I needed to share this. “How many coats do you have on?”😭😭

    6. This hilarious cat caught on tape:

    “I couldn’t breathe when I slept so I installed a camera”

    7. This adorable-AF BTS video:

    8. This savage text exchange:

    9. This guy's gift to his girlfriend:

    my dad used to get so mad every time my mom would come home w a new coffee mug (she likes to collect them) and her new bf literally built her a wall to display her collection. this is why we don’t settle for loser boys, ladies!!!!!

    10. This touching moment with a butterfly:

    This is incredible... Mother passed away 9 years ago and she mentioned she’d be a yellow butterfly one day. For 9 years I have been mezmorized every time I see one but I have never been close enough to touch one. Today... this happened! Happy Mother’s Day Mama 💛

    11. This hilarious bird attack:

    My niece has her bird trained to attack anyone she screams at 😂😂😂

    12. This nugget campaign:

    Y’all keep asking, so here’s your chance. The people in charge say if you guys can get our tweet (this one right here) to 2 Million likes, they will bring SPICY CHICKEN NUGGETS BACK. Let’s freakin’ do this!

    13. And lastly, this hilarious homemade gym:

    I cant afford a gym membership so 😂