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13 Times Taylor Swift's Mom, Andrea Swift, Proved She Is A Legend

All hail Mama Swift.

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1. When she was famous before Taylor for rescuing stranded boat passengers via jet ski in New Jersey:

Reading Eagle /

2. When, in court, she courageously called out the man accused of assaulting Taylor:


3. When she gave Taylor the courage to write that infamous letter to Apple:

Cooper Neill / Getty,

4. When she interrupted Taylor's insta and told her to "put some damn clothes on":

5. When she ended every Insta model's career with her duck face:

Big Machine Records

6. And when she ended every zoologist's career, holding this koala:

7. When she wanted Taylor to just ditch the damn choker:

Big Machine Records

8. When she made this face and rocked matching hats with Tay:

9. And matching PJs:

10. When she was mom AF and told Taylor to be careful running...on the treadmil:

@taylorswift13 / Via Twitter: @taylorswift13

11. When she casually went shopping with a bunch of supermodels, nbd:

@abowlofweiss / Via Twitter: @abowlofweiss

12. When she proved where Taylor got her "surprise face" from:

13. And most importantly, when she was everyone's really proud mom:

Never change, Mama Swift!

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