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13 Times Taylor Swift Didn't Give A Motherfuck

Her lucky number.

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1. When she shut down this reporter's sexist comment:


2. When baby Tay was on Ellen and called out Joe Jonas for breaking up with her over the phone.


3. And when she gave him a ~shoutout~ during her SNL "Monologue Song."


4. When she made this hilarious face after she saw Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber kiss:


5. When she played footage of the Kanye interruption incident before performing the song she wrote about him:


6. And when she had this message for anyone trying to take credit for her fame:


7. When she won a VMA and said this in her speech — with Harry Styles in the audience:


8. When she was like "Hell no" after John Cleese insulted cats and women:


9. When she played the media's version of herself in "Blank Space."

Big Machine Records

10. And when she played all the versions of herself that people rag on her for in the "Look What You Made Me Do" video.

Big Machine Records

11. When she wrote an open letter to Apple opposing streaming because it didn't adequately pay writers, producers, and artists.

12. When she called out sexism toward female musicians and used the treatment of Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars as a perfect example of that.

13. And last but not least, when she had no qualms about shutting this attorney right the fuck down during her trial:

Never change, Tay.

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