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    16 Infamous Omarosa TV Moments Where She Realllly Brought The Drama

    "Honey, you make cupcakes. I worked in the White House." — Omarosa to Bethenny Frankel

    1. When she got into it with Bethenny Frankel:

    2. And when Bethenny denied saying Omarosa didn't have a real career, so Omarosa bet her $10,000 she did, and then this happened:

    3. When she said this low-blow to Joy Behar on The View:

    ABC / Via

    4. When she asked Wendy Williams if she had a nose job:

    5. And then told Wendy she needed to get a new wig:

    Fox / Via

    6. When she said this to Piers Morgan on Celebrity Apprentice:


    7. And then poured a drink on him:


    8. And then got into a another spat with him a few seasons later:

    NBC / Via

    9. When she said this to Janice Dickinson:


    10. And this (gasp):


    11. When she corrected an anchor's pronunciation of her name:


    12. And then when another anchor corrected Omarosa's pronunciation of her name, she did not take it well:


    13. When she was not here for being told to be quiet by Latoya Jackson:

    NBC / Via

    14. And then said this:


    15. When she took on her whole team on Apprentice:


    16. And finally, when she even clashed with Randy on Say Yes To The Dress:

    TLC / Via

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