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13 Adults Who Are High-Key Struggling To Live In A Millennial World

"HELP! Who is that person clapping above?" — a grandma, talking about a gif

1. This grandmother was bombarded by a gif:

2. This dad had no clue that his side-eye would become a meme:

You ever check twitter and realize your fucking father has turned into a meme?

3. This mom doesn't get "smut photos" and their importance:

4. This grandpa believed this Facebook post was real:

So my Grandpa just shared this on Facebook, and I’m about 90% sure he doesn’t realize it’s just lunch meat on the dog’s face

5. And remember when Ted Cruz's official Twitter liked sex tweets and didn't realize people could see:

6. The mom didn't get insta-art:

7. And this grandpa didn't realize Facebook comments were public:

8. This grandma posted this on Facebook, not realizing how often people troll:

My grandma reposted this on Facebook... she doesn’t realize the picture is from Tropic Thunder 😂😂😂

9. This mom made a meme and didn't put her name on it:

10. And so did this great aunt:

Lol my great aunt shared this on Facebook and I’m 1000% sure she doesn’t realize this is Obi Wan😂

11. This grandma didn't get the concept of notifications:

i missed a call from my grandma so i called her back right away and she goes “bella, i just tried to call you! how sweet. we were thinking about each other at the same time!” she doesn’t realize phones leave notifications when you miss a call 😂😂

12. And this grandma didn't save her granddaughter's contact:

My poor sweet grandma doesn’t realize that she has my phone number because she is texting me...

13. And lastly, this mother tried to floss:

So my mom doesn’t quit understand how to floss yet.

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