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Women Are Sharing The Things They Do To Stay Safe When They're Out, And It's Sad But Useful

Sad that this even has to be a thing, but it is.

On Saturday, Reddit user u/Statistical-outlier1 asked women to share tips for going to bars alone. People came through with some amazing tips for navigating going out/dating/existing as a woman today.

A glass of wine on a bar counter, with a person's hands holding a phone

It's sad that this is a reality women still face, but these tips are super useful and interesting. Here's what they said:

1. "NEVER leave your drink unattended, and you MUST let someone know where you are."


2. "If I think you might hurt me and I say something like, 'You look familiar, have we met? I could never forget those eyes. We must have met before.' You are less likely to hurt me because I can pick you out of a lineup. You are less likely to drug me because I know exactly who you are."


3. "I share my location on my phone with family, tell them the name of the person I'm meeting up with (and send them a link to socials), and tell them where I am going/when I will be back."


Graphic of keyboard with arrow pointing to the words "Current location"

4. "Besides your drink, never leave your purse/keys/phone unattended. Aside from general thieves, there are also predators who look for ways to leave single women stranded and vulnerable."


5. "Don’t accept a drink from anyone unless the bartender hands it to you."


6. "Along with the bartender rule, my rule is to watch them open it/pour it."


A bartender making a cocktail

7. "If you happen to know anybody who's a bouncer, go to that bar. My brother was a bouncer at the one and only bar I ever went to alone. When someone bought me a drink (the bartender handed it to me), I was able to ask my brother if the guy was a regular and if he was OK. My brother said he was good as far as he knew. I had a great night that night!"


8. "If you think you are being followed or if you hear somebody behind you, feel free to turn around and look directly at them because it shows you are not afraid to be aware of your surroundings."


Woman holding a phone and looking over her shoulder at a man behind her in a hoodie and wearing jeans, with his hands in his pockets

9. "Pick a bar with a calmer vibe — somewhere that serves food is usually a good idea."


10. "I stay relatively sober if I go out alone. I keep pepper spray, keys, whatever self-defense I need on me. Keep an eye out for someone following me into the bathrooms, etc. It has happened. Have fun — talk to the regulars. Try to talk to other women. Listen to some music or karaoke. Try not to scroll on my phone. Make sure someone knows where I am. Have a plan to get home."


Woman and man sitting at a bar holdlng their phones and looking up

11. "DO NOT flash your money around at any time — and if that bar has a gaming section in it and you win big, be careful at all times."


12. "Use windows as mirrors to check behind you. Literally every window you walk past, you should take a quick glance to know what’s going on behind you..."


Street scene with people walking with strollers, some figures blurry

13. "Always get your keys out before you leave a building to go to your car, and have them in hand as you exit it before you go into your house. Not only are they a great weapon if needed, but you aren't distracted while searching for them."


Person standing near a car holding a key

14. "Try to go to a bar near your home so if you have any doubts, you can go back quickly. Also, the regulars and staff at the bar are more likely to know your face, since you live in the neighborhood, and are more likely to look after you."


15. "Go 'live' as a weapon. If you're being attacked, go on Facebook Live if you can, with the camera faced toward you so the person behind you is in the shot, or point the camera in front of you if they are in front. Say, 'Hi, Facebook Live' to announce that you are recording for an audience. Announce where you are, and as you walk, get street signs in the shot. Walk to the nearest open business and call either a cab/Uber to drive you home or a friend/family member."


Do YOU have any additional tips for women? Let me know in the comments below!

Notee: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.