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People Are Sharing Things That Are Illegal But Aren't Ethically Wrong, And Some Are Controversial

Dumpster diving shouldn't be illegal!!

On Friday, Reddit user u/bleachspot asked the question, "What is something that is illegal but isn't wrong ethically?" and people had some incredibly interesting responses.

Man in the driver's seat looking at a piece of paper

Here's some of what people shared:

1. "Playing on a playground after it closes, usually after 8 or 9 at night."


2. "Making an adaptation of a piece of media from your grandparents' childhood without a license because the creator died less than 75 years ago."


3. "Downloading college ebooks for free instead of spending $400 on the latest version. Usually, all they did was change the spelling of a few words and called it v87.12458281648391846 of the book, then they required it for your college class."


4. "Paying for someone else’s parking meter."


Two people standing at a parking meter pay station

5. "Downloading from Sci Hub. People shouldn't have to pay to access scientific knowledge."


6. "Living off the grid without a permit."


7. "Credentialing laws for things that don’t carry much danger if you do them incorrectly — for example, requiring a license to be a florist."


8. "Pirating media that isn't available for purchase in your area. You weren't going to get my money either way."


9. "Loitering in a park. I've always wondered why this is illegal in some places. The point of a park is to loiter."


Smiling man wearing a hit and sitting on a park bench holding a cellphone

10. "In many municipalities, 'tiny' homes are illegal."


11. "Withdrawal of care for terminal illness in some places, unfortunately."


12. "Some people may disagree with me, but making photocopies of sheet music."


13. "Jaywalking and crossing the street on a red light, as a pedestrian, when there are no cars around."


Man crossing the street at a crosswalk against a red light as a car goes by him

14. "Taking food — from an employer — when it was about to get thrown away anyway."


15. "Sleeping in your car."


What about YOU? What's illegal but isn't ethically wrong? Let me know in the comments below!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.