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People Who Grew Up Rich Are Sharing Things They Thought Were Normal And Everyone's Like, "NO, Not At All"

Imagine growing up like this?!?!?!

On Friday, Reddit user u/TacticalTuna2 asked, "People who grew up rich, what’s something you thought was normal?" Rich people came through with some perfect examples of things that were definitely not normal for non-rich folks growing up.

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Here's what they said:

1. "If I broke something, it was just a funny joke about how clumsy I am, and it got replaced immediately. I've had so many phones, computers, and cameras that I can't even count, so I only realized as an adult that people don't just throw away their broken or used stuff, but actually fix it."


2. "We had steak for dinner four or five days a week — so much that my brother and I got so sick of it. I didn’t understand the draw of steakhouses and only having steak on a special occasion."


3. "Having a pool. Everyone always wanted to come over to use it. Doesn't everyone else have a pool? Oh..."


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4. "I thought everyone owned a washing machine and was able to vacation every year."


5. "I thought almost all adults had graduate degrees."


6. "We had a maid. I didn't realize everyone else didn't."


7. "My rich friend walked into my garage and said, 'Wow, your garage is so hot. Did the AC die or something?' I guess AC in garages is a thing?"


8. "I thought a weekly allowance was something everyone got growing up. We were given $20 a week."


9. "I thought all houses cost at least a million dollars. Where I come from, that's not a mansion — it's just the cost of a regular house. Or it was when I was a kid in the '90s; now everything's at least two million."


10. "Often having additions put on the house. My dad's ideology was that if he was going to stay in the house for the rest of his life, might as well make it bigger."


11. "Having designs painted on your walls."


12. "My dad bailed me out of a LOT of shit."


13. "Vacations, big time. Getting a new car every three to six years. Being unable to understand why people wanted to raise taxes. Country clubs and $50,000-plus weddings. Being able to afford maids, accountants, and being in contact with a lawyer constantly. Blindly accepting capitalism with fervent spirit."


14. "I didn't know that it wasn't normal to always take a stretch limo to the airport like my family did."


15. "Eating out every single day. My parents are super well off, but work a ton, and neither had time to cook. So at least one, if not both meals were delivered to the house every day, sometimes from really fancy restaurants. I always thought that home-cooked food and family dinners on TV were fake. I only realized it was abnormal when my friend came over. She said she liked the pasta at this local Italian restaurant, so I went on my phone and ordered her some on DoorDash (we were about 15 at the time), and she was in complete shock that I was allowed to do that."


Did they miss anything? Rich people, what's something you grew up with that you've learned isn't normal? Let me know in the comments below!