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    Theo James Was A Hot Mess On "Watch What Happens Live" — And Minus The Offensive Joke, I Loved It

    "Sorry I've had too much to drink."

    This post contains discussion of eating disorders.

    On Thursday, The White Lotus stars Meghann Fahy and Theo James appeared on Watch What Happens Live, where they answered fan questions, talked about former roles, and played some fun WWHL segments.

    closeup of theo drinking

    Honestly, though, Theo James was a bit of a hot mess. Like, I kinda loved it (minus the ED joke):

    andy cohen and theo with pillows

    Here are some of them:

    1. During a segment of "Pillow Talk," Theo said he likes nipple play. "I like a nipple tweak. I have to say — I quite enjoy that."

    andy cohen: "are theo james' nipples hardwired for pleasure?"

    Bravo / Via @MarlowNYC / Twitter: @MarlowNYC

    2. He made this joke, which got like a few laughs? IDK, it's kinda funny, I guess??

    Theo asks, whose hand though? when andy asks if Ethan from White Lotus got a handy

    3. He then made an offensive joke:

    Andy: What ab work were you doing in Italy? Theo: Bulimia

    4. He said he felt THIS emotion when seeing Cameron's prosthetic penis for the first time:

    Theo saying Hunger and Meghann laughing

    5. As a lover, he described himself as fluid, which lit Gay Twitter on fire:

    Theo James describing himself as "hungry, explosive and fluid" oh my god... someone put me in a room with him I'm begging

    Twitter: @aidanthereup / Via Bravo

    6. As for what scene "gets him going" the most, he said:

    Theo says, butter, garlic butter

    7. When Meghann Fahy jokingly half-confirmed she might be dating Leo Woodall, he let a big "Wooo!"

    Theo letting out a whoo

    8. When asked about Prince Harry's tell-all book and press tour:

    Theo says, a bit of over-exposure, too many interviews

    9. When he found out his White Lotus costar, Adam DiMarco, said he can punch him in the face and step on him, Theo said:

    "that can be arranged"

    10. When asked if he would play George Michael in a biopic:

    "he's a lot of Greek and i'm a lot of Greek, that Greek together and you get falafel

    You can watch the full episode on Peacock now.