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People Are Kinda Shocked At What The Weeknd's Speaking Voice Sounds Like

"I'm ready to risk it all."

As you probably heard, The Weeknd is headlining the Super Bowl LV Halftime Show.

The Weeknd smiles at a Super Bowl Halftime Show press event
Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

Well, he did a lead-up interview with NFL's Kay Adams last week, where he was asked whether he'd have any special guests for his show:

The Weeknd pointing
Nbc / Getty Images

He said no (he's def lying), which is fine, but people like me were more blown away by something else.

The Weeknd talking on the interview
NFL / Via

The Weeknd doesn't really do interviews, so we're not too familiar with his speaking voice. Let me just tell you — it's hot. Have a listen:

I don't know, I just wasn't expecting that. I'm 100% into it.


And so were a lot of other people.

Just heard @theweeknd’s speaking voice for the first time and I’m ready to risk it all for Mr. Abel

BYE his speaking voice is gorgeous?? if y’all see me turn into an abel stan overnight mind ur business y’all 😂💯

Twitter: @wtfdoik

@PopCrave @theweeknd Even his speaking is so hot. Go rail me king 🔥🔥

Twitter: @Cruelsummerbad1

@PopCrave @b00kmarq @theweeknd His voice is so hot

Twitter: @onesunonemoonn

@PopCrave @theweeknd HIS VOICE KDHSIWKEJ

Twitter: @tesfayeleven

The way he needs to start an ASMR YouTube channel or something.


Or, like narrate a movie — the serve that would be...

Wendy Williams with a caption that says "His voice is an icon, a legend, and IS the moment

Were you surprised by how his voice sounded? Let me know in the comments ASAP!

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