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    15 Thanksgiving Fails That Have Me Laughing, Crying, And Shaking My Head

    From turkey fails to outfit fails, these are the best.

    1. For starters, this Thanksgiving Eve sweatshirt:

    I’m done going out on thanksgiving eve

    Twitter: @mollydeez

    2. This very dangerous setup:

    first thanksgiving cooking alone! anyway, phone is about to die. ttyl!

    Twitter: @cIubmoss

    3. This revisited message:

    happy thanksgiving and one year anniversary to the most deranged message i have ever received

    Twitter: @nickil0deon

    4. This violation:

    Remember when i did this last Thanksgiving and my grandma tried to swing at me wit an extension cord

    Twitter: @califortia
    A slice of pie cut out of the middle of the pie
    @califortia / Via Twitter: @califortia

    5. This early sit-down:

    First Thanksgiving at my girlfriend’s parent’s house. I sat down way too early then she took this photo to make fun of me.

    Twitter: @brookswheelan

    6. This exchange:

    Twitter: @carryymeout

    7. This background:

    Twitter: @scallywagcarlos

    8. This dry turkey:

    I won’t say who made the Turkey this year but just know it was made with pure intentions 🦃❤️ Happy Thanksgiving y’all

    Twitter: @OhImGabe

    9. This person's balance fail:

    Still the funniest Thanksgiving video ever 😂😂😂

    Twitter: @4theculture____

    10. This non-photogenic plate:

    Twitter: @shyguyshawn

    11. This comment:

    just tried to get a fourth plate and my aunt said “save some for the rest of us”

    Twitter: @userctrI

    12. This mystery:

    Ok someone accidentally turned the oven off while I was cooking the turkey. Not sure how long ago it happened. This adds an entertaining little mystery to when we will actually eat today.

    Twitter: @plutokiller

    13. This pie:


    Twitter: @KariVanHorn

    14. This deviled egg fail:

    15. And finally, this prank (???):

    put a leaf on my 100 year old aunts head

    Twitter: @e_milyclark