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Teachers Are Sharing What The New 2021 Cliques In School Are And I'm Intrigued

"Mechanics, Snapchat bruhs, Irishmen, Elon Musk clones, post-post punks."

So, obviously, you know about cliques in high school. We've seen enough movies and had enough experience to know the basics: the jocks, the nerds (no shade), the drama club, etc.

Well, it's 2021 and times have changed! On Monday, Reddit user u/invertedparadX asked teachers to share what the new cliques in 2021 are. Here's what they said:

1. "Emo kids are still there but they are very political now. It was annoying when I was a teen, and they all tried to out- anarchist each other, but now it's like, 'Bobby is such a poser. He doesn't even read theory' (said by a kid who also does not read theory)."


2. "While a lot of the basic groups still exist in some form or another, the most unexpected group I've seen this year is a growing number of middle schoolers whom everyone calls 'the stonks.' They legit discuss the stock market at lunch."


3. "There's the group who want to grow up to be 'influencers.' They're already very active online and are obsessive about getting more views and followers."


4. "Most groups are football players, gamers, and horse girls."


5. "The anime girls are now K-pop girls. There are no Korean students in our school but the Korean club is very active."


6. "I've noticed an increase in furries in my school."


7. "Mostly, it's just the vapers (who try to get away with their habit in the bathroom) and the non-vapors (who sometimes rat them out)."


8. "I feel like we used to call them 'Valley girls' when i was a kid. Now, we have VSCO girls."


9. "There appeared to be an uptick in weeb kids, but with a clear divide between the cool ones and the dorky ones — like, two separate groups. They all seem to be consuming the same media tho."


10. "My aunt is a teacher and she said there are a lot of the 'Try-hard Charmer' students. Basically, they're students who try too hard to be funny/cute but end up looking like idiots. And they're not aware and keep doing it."


11. "I’ve recently learned that Hot Cheeto Girls is a thing."


12. "I would say the two groups that stand out to me are the new weebs and the ESL kids. New weebs are cool and dorky. The cool ones actually do other stuff, like sports or something but also love anime. Dorky ones only weeb all the time. The ESL kids have their own dorky and cool weeb groups that are essentially the same as above, but happen in Portuguese or Spanish. The ESL population is growing exponentially every year."


13. "I'm kinda surprised that nobody's mentioned a vegan group. They tend to roam together."


14. "I see K-pop fanatics, e-sports/gamers, and YouTubers/TikTokers."


15. "Honestly, I just notice that there aren't as many of those types of groups compared to when I was in school during the '90s. The students seem more accepting and the barriers to entry into groups don't seem as fixed or harsh. The basketball star is into anime. The emo kids now listen to hip-hop. Country club kids are organizing social justice protests. It's just all over the place now."


16. "In my observation, the groups have just dissolved. It seems like people sort of just mingle with everyone. There are still the nerds, but they seem to be popular?"


Wow, times have changed and I kind of love it? What do y'all think? Let me know in the comments below!