Taylor Swift Surprised This Couple For Their Engagement And I Asked A Bunch Of Questions About It

    "Taylor radiates love and her heart is pure."

    This is Alex Goldschmidt and his boyfriend, Ross Girard. Alex is an associate director of a digital media company and Ross is a film/commercial producer.

    Alex is a huge Taylor Swift fan, and he knew he wanted to propose to Ross with the song "King of My Heart."

    "I just love that song. I knew I wanted to marry Ross but was holding out because I felt like I wasn’t financially ready to pay for a wedding or work stress," Alex told BuzzFeed.

    "I was listening to the song one day in my car and suddenly the part where she sings 'And all at once you are the one I have been waiting for / King of my heart, body and soul' just hit me. I didn’t want to wait any longer. I wanted every anniversary I could have with Ross."

    So he reached out Taylor, who he said he has a long history with, to thank her for being such a part of his life. "I wrote her a note letting her know my plans to propose and what role 'King Of My Heart' played just to thank her. A month ago, her publicist Tree Paine called to let me know Taylor wanted to be a part of the day."

    Turns out, she was more than just part of the day. She showed up and surprised Alex's fiancé with an acoustic performance of the song.

    Can you imagine this angel just showing up to sing to you and your now-fiancé?

    The performance, the song, the surprise. JUST WOW.

    I obviously had more questions for Alex about this beautiful moment, like "Did Taylor stay after she perform?" He said, " Taylor stayed to meet our families and take pictures in the kitchen. It was very nice."

    I also asked if Taylor got him a gift or card:

    She gave us the most beautiful card wishing us the best and giving us advice for the future. It was on her letterhead and sealed with wax. It came with the biggest candle I’ve ever seen from Le Labo with notes written all over the box it came in. It smells so good.

    I asked what they talked about and he said, "Before the performance, she...talked about the proposal and the plan for the surprise performance. I’m amazed by her kindness every time we talk. She radiates love and her heart is pure."


    I’m so completely overwhelmed. This has been two months in the works and every single surprise went off without a hitch. I kept thinking Taylor’s schedule would change or someone would slip up talking to Ross. I don’t know if it was the champagne, adrenaline and joy or all three, but I don’t know what day it is, what time it is, what life is or what is happening. This was the best way to celebrate Ross and my relationship up until now and kick off the next chapter in our story. I have no idea how the wedding will top this. I hope Kelly Clarkson is free.

    Ugh, congrats Alex and Ross. And Taylor, as usual, never change.