Taylor Swift Is Receiving A Doctor Of Fine Arts Degree At NYU, And I'm Channeling Andrea Swift Right Now Saying, "That's My Baby, And I'm Really Proud"

    "That's my baby, and I'm proud."

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    As Barbara Walters once iconically said, Taylor Swift IS the music industry.

    Close-up of Taylor next to Barbara sitting in a chair with the text "Taylor Swift is the music industry"

    And now the 11-time Grammy-winning singer-songwriter superstar is finally receiving an honorary doctor of fine arts degree from New York University.

    YUP! According to NYU's press release, "Taylor Swift will receive a Doctor of Fine Arts, honoris causa, at the morning ceremony and address the graduates and guests on behalf of all the degree recipients for the Class of 2022."

    Taylor holding a Grammy

    Like, of course it's the class of 2022.

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    And can you just imagine how fucking amazing that speech is going to be?

    Taylor holding a Grammy Award

    This is gonna be me after the first word:

    Like me, people were super stoked at the idea of Taylor being a DOCTOR OF FINE ARTS:

    Instagram: @taylorswift
    Twitter: @thelasttay

    Singer, songwriter, cat lady, and now doctor! Taylor Swift world domination!!

    Twitter: @starsicks

    we’re proud of DOCTOR taylor swift

    Twitter: @reputushion

    Taylor Swift is a Doctor of Fine Arts

    Twitter: @FearlessMihh13 / Via Netflix

    Keep in mind, Taylor is a genius, but she wasn't able to do the traditional high school–college route. Ya know, because she was being, like, the biggest star on the planet.

    Taylor standing in front of a podium and playing guitar on a grassy field with mascots and team members behind her

    Remember in 2007, when she won the Country Music Association Horizon Award, she said, "This is the highlight of my senior year!"

    And in 2008, she told MTV, "College, to me, I always thought I was going to go. Both my parents went to college, so I thought that's what I was going to do, but life took a different turn. And I think that college is great because it can be a wonderful tool to make you well rounded and get all these social networking skills."

    Close-up of Taylor smiling at the camera and wearing a spaghetti-strap top

    And now our queen is gonna be a DOCTOR OF FINE ARTS.

    Taylor holding three Grammys and smiling

    "Proud" is an understatement, Dr. Tay. Congrats, legend!!!!

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