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Taylor Swift Had The Best One-Liner For Those Who Still Doubt Her Songwriting Skills

Don't come for this legend. Just don't.

Hello. Hi. Let's make this quick. Taylor Swift still has people doubting her songwriting abilities.

There are people (they are dumb) who say she doesn't write her songs or that she just cowrites and doesn't do a lot of the work.

Well, during her interview with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, Taylor had the perfect comeback for those dumb doubters.

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Jimmy asked Taylor what her favorite song from her new album Lover was, and she said the title track.

Then, she issued the best comeback to any doubter or naysayer. "I find it funny to think about having a party for all the songwriters on that song."

"Because it would just be me."

That's right! Put some respect on this 10-time Grammy-winning songwriting legend.

And while you're here, remember she wrote her Speak Now album all by her talented self. She also won two Grammys for "Mean" on that album.

Taylor not only writes or cowrites all of her songs, but she's also an amazing producer. She literally has uploaded SEVERAL videos of her songwriting process. Come on!

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Don't come for Miss Taylegend Swift. Just don't. Bye.