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Taylor Swift Just Gave Her Thoughts On, Like, 19 Celebrities

The queen has spoken.

On Saturday, Taylor Swift performed for SiriusXM Hits1's Weekend Countdown and also guest DJ’d, introducing a bunch of musicians’ songs.

Hearing her talk about each artist before their song played really interested me, so I rounded up all of Taylor's quotes about them:

1. Lizzo:

Richard Shotwell / AP

"Lizzo is gonna be a lot of people’s musical influence in the years to come. She’s having this phenomenal couple of years. I remember when her song ‘Good As Hell’ came out, I remember thinking it’s one of the craftiest hooks and songs I’ve heard in a long time! Fast forward and she has this astonishing, unbelievable breakthrough. It’s so good to see that happen."

2. Ariana Grande:

"Ariana Grande is currently on the European run of her Sweetener tour and is absolutely killing it!"

3. Ed Sheeran:

"I remember when I first heard Ed Sheeran’s song and really fought for him to be my Red Tour opening act, even though he hadn’t been putting out music in the US. I was just so confident [in] him that if you just heard him you would understand and he would breakthrough. He's my fun, awesome, supportive, talented cousin. He’s literally one of my favorite people in the world. It’s been so great to watch him become someone that’s going to be a legend.”

4. Charlie Puth:

"Charlie Puth tweeted 'I love when artists are in control of small, important details when creating music.' Love that tweet. I feel exactly the same. I think that details are something that can make things fun for fans, because I think it's our duty as artists to, obviously, entertain people."

5. Miley Cyrus:

"Miley Cyrus is known for loving her pets. She has nine dogs, three cats, and one pig, which I think is phenomenal. She’s got a literal farm in her house. I have three cats now, so I understand what it’s like to feel like you have this herd of animals. Three cats, I think, is officially a pack. It’s pack mentality."

6. Halsey:

Jordan Strauss / AP

"One thing that I also love about Halsey is how supportive she is about other female artists. I think she did an interview last year where she was talking about how women are often pitted against each other in music, but we’re no longer going to be complicit in it. We’re not going to let that happen because we all love each other and we’re all fans of each other. We get to be respectful of each other, just the same as the guys in music do. You notice how all these male artists are always showing each other respect, even if they’re not friends and they don’t hang out or whatever, they don’t know each other, [but] they’re allowed to respect each other from afar. Yet women are somehow expected to either love or hate each other, and it’s all supposed to be personal. So I love that she’s been making such important points about, y’know, feminism and equality, and end of perceptions of gender, and everything like that. She’s one of the best people we have in music right now, especially because she loves to take a stand for what’s right."

7. Alec Benjamin:

"When Alec Benjamin was starting out, he’d perform outside Shawn Mendes concerts while trying to get his music out there and build a fanbase as well, which is a very smart move and reminds me of when Shawn Mendes used to open up for my tour shows! There’s a lot of ways I connect to this, but I remember when I first started seeing Shawn, I thought that there’s really something here. So now Alec is breaking through, too! Sick!"

8. Ava Max:

"Ava Max is currently working on her debut album, and she says the inspiration for it comes from the strong women in her family. We love this!"

9. Kelsea Ballerini:

“Kelsea Ballerini counts headlining her own arena tour as one of her biggest milestones and that is fair. It’s a huge milestone. Kelsea is someone who I’ve loved from the very first time I heard her music. She is so warm and loving and kind, and that warmth radiates in her music. My favorite Kelsea Ballerini songs are like slow, wonderful, love, lyrical songs, and I’m a huge fan of her work."

10. Thomas Rhett:

Jordan Strauss / AP Images

"I always remembered meeting Thomas Rhett because he had told me he wanted to sing and have a career, and I always remembered that. It always stuck out in my head and sure enough, here he is, years later and he’s got one of the best careers in country. He’s got a great family. he’s got the most amazing wife; it’s great to see someone like that do really well."

11. Brendon Urie:

"[High Hopes] is an absolute unstoppable anthem of our generation. Oh my god, this song. This song literally can motivate you to work out, motivate you to run down the street, motivate you to pretty much do anything. I love the energy that comes from Brendon Urie. He’s one of the most energetic, motivated people I’ve ever been around. And just in terms of him being a performer — if you’ve ever seen Panic! perform live, you know he’s one of the best vocalists and showmen that we have."

12. Camila Cabello:

"What’s funny is that there are two Camilas. When you’re hanging out with her, she’s like, ‘Let's go to Disney World and eat jelly beans’ and when she’s on stage, she’s the smouldering-est, hottest, most mysterious woman you’ve ever seen. I think what makes her so exciting as a performer is that she’s so multifaceted. Sometimes with her music, she’s showing you a sensitive, singer-songwriter side of her that channels who she really is, then she’s like ‘Havana-oonanana,' like, you know, siren.”

13. Katy Perry:

"So Katy, a few weeks ago, was saying really complimentary things about my cookies that I bake, which really warmed my heart because there’s little you can do that would make me happy more than complimenting my baking. She came over and I baked her cookies. I was just really happy to hear. She had said they were good in the moment, but hearing it afterwards I was just filled with pride. My heart doubled in size, then burst into confetti butterflies."

14. Lil Nas X and Billie Ray Cyrus:

Richard Shotwell / AP

"['Old Town Road'] has taken the world by storm. This song, I mean the video is amazing — it's a literally a mini movie, c'mon!"

15. Post Malone:

"Post Malone is a great performer. I remember when I first saw him perform on award shows and I just love his voice. He’s got such an interesting vibe and what he’s doing is so cool. He writes a really good hook. As a songwriter, when I see people that are consistently making songs with hooks that I’m so intrigued by, you can’t help but just become a fan, and that’s what happened when I heard Post Malone’s music and his album, I was like, 'This is legit!'"

16. Bebe Rexha:

"I love Bebe Rexha! She went on IG recently and spoke about ageism and about how she’s 29 years old, which is young. And people are treating her like she’s at the end of her career. Her gap to accomplish things in narrowing now that she’s in her late twenties. I think the more that newer artists speak out about this sort of thing, the closer we’ll be to not have to face these kinds of weird stigmas in the music industry, so more power to her. I think that’s amazing and brave."

17. 5 Seconds of Summer:

"5SOS say that one of the best parts of being in a band is meeting their fans. I agree! Even though I’m not in a band, I do get to meet fans a lot, and I think it’s awesome when artists know and respect that bond because fans do so much for us. They’re literally the only reason we get to do this."

18. Billie Eilish:

Richard Shotwell / AP

"Billie Eilish has been writing music since she was 11, which is amazing and very relatable. I feel like we definitely could bond over that. She’s been killing it! It’s great to see somebody really have their own autonomy as an artist. You get the impression that no one’s telling her what to be, how to talk, how to act, and I love seeing that. It’s really hard to grow up how you want to and write your own music in the music industry so when you see other people that are really coming into their own and making their own stamp on the music industry, it’s really exciting to see.”

Ugh, yes, we stan all of these artists and Taylor's love for them. Not one bad word said! A legend supporting legends. <3


Special thanks to @TSUpdatesNYBU!