We Need To Talk About Taylor Swift's Vocals On The Eras Tour

    When she does that mic pose, she's about to slay...

    Taylor Swift. You know her. She's got Grammys. She's got insurmountable talent. She IS the music industry, luv.

    Well, she recently embarked on her Eras Tour — a 44-song, three-hour show with multiple costume changes, stunning visuals, and super impressive vocals.

    So, yes, let's talk about the vocals.

    Let's start with my favorite — Taylor's sustained high notes on this tour. She takes us to church with the TikTok favorite "Don't Blame Me," where she nailed two gorgeous E5s.

    DONT BLAME ME HIGH NOTE #GlendaleTSTheErasTour

    @iwasmaroon / Via Twitter: @iwasmaroon

    She also nailed the belt-heavy "Cruel Summer" climax and added some belts at the end, too:

    📹 | Taylor cantando Cruel Summer!

    Twitter: @ccswiftiee

    Taylor performed "Enchanted" and sounded even better than she did when she sang it on the Speak Now Tour. Like, come on!!! MEET yooouUuU!

    چطوری تونستین بدون من I was enchanted to meet you رو انقد بلند داد بزنید :)))) فشار چیه؟ ی سری ادم درحال زندگی کردن ارزوهای یک جوان ایرانی که حتی توان رفتن به کنسرت خواننده های داخلی رو هم نداره #erastour

    Twitter: @iitszhra

    Taylor sang an updated rendition of "Illicit Affairs," where she belted the climax perfectly with power and ease. Yes, mother.

    Twitter: @archivetaylors

    And don't even get me started on the "My Tears Ricochet" vocals. Ethereal, hypnotic, and resonant.

    Taylor's my tears ricochet performance was so powerful, she truly nailed it. The way they're alluding a funeral march on stage sends chills down my spine

    Twitter: @TMlovesRED

    Her Evermore and Folklore segments were full of delicious low notes. Like in "Champagne Problems":

    TAYLOR PERFORMING 'CHAMPAGNE PROBLEMS' ON PAINO... does she want to break me? #GlendaleTSTheErasTour

    Twitter: @greedymotivez

    And "Cardigan":

    🎥| @TaylorSwift13 for the "cardigan" bridge

    Twitter: @TheSwiftSociety

    ALSO...in her performance of "Karma" — my throat broke trying to do all these low notes in a row:

    oh it makes me so sick that the part that went viral is when the crowd gets loud…

    Twitter: @cowboylikehale

    But as always, Taylor was at her best with just her and a guitar (or piano). Like in "This Is Me Trying":

    Twitter: @archivetaylors

    And "White Horse":

    Twitter: @ThrowbackTaylor

    And "Mirrorball":

    Twitter: @ajayyswiftie

    Now, let's hear it in the comments for Taylor's vocals on tour.