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Taylor Swift Did 16 Costume Changes At The Eras Tour Last Night — Here They Are

Yeah, she's not human.

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Last night, Taylor Swift kicked off her record-breaking Eras Tour. Her three-hour, 44-song show chronicled her iconic discography, and for each, the blonde legend served looks.

Taylor on stage with photos of her different era outfits on screen behind her

Here are all the gorgeous outfits she wore for each era last night — from start to finish (SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!):

1. Lover

taylor in a colorful sequenced one-piece
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wearing a bedazzled blazer dress and matching knee-high boots

3. Fearless

wearing a golden fringe dress and boots

4. Evermore

wearing a boho dress with flowers embroidered

5. Reputation

wearing a black leather outfit with one short and one pant leg with snake-like vines

6. Speak Now

wearing a golden gown

7. Red

wearing a red bedazzled dress with a red guitar


wearing shorts, a fedora, and a shirt that says nothing going on at the moment


wearing an ombre bedazzled outfit

10. Folklore

wearing a long boho dress

11. 1989

wearing a two piece bedazzled outfit

12. Debut

playing the guitar while wearing a purple tiered dress

13. Midnights

wearing knee-high boots with a one piece under a colorful fringe jacket


🎥| @TaylorSwift13 performing "Midnight Rain" — Including a outfit change

Twitter: @TheSwiftSociety


taylor sitting on a chair with boots and a one-piece bedazzled outfit


taylor singing while wearing a fur jacket on top of a bedazzled dress with knee-high boots

In conclusion, the woman served. Hard. Let me know your favorite in the comments below!

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