Taylor Swift Is Peak Taylor Swift On The Eras Tour, And I Love It

    Literally obsessed with her.

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    First things first: Taylor Swift is always herself on tour. But she's even more herself on The Eras Tour. She shows her humor, sarcasm, and just oozes with authenticity during this tour.

    Taylor performing onstage with her arms outstretched

    Here are some of the most peak Taylor Swift™ moments from the show so far:

    1. When the stage door didn't open in time for her famous dive and she hilariously screamed "WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!":

    🎥| Taylor missed her cue for the stage dive tonight

    @TheSwiftSociety / Via Twitter: @TheSwiftSociety
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    2. When she made these hand gestures during the bridge of "Mean":


    Twitter: @SwiftNYC

    3. When she joked about Aaron Dessner being canceled for saying he was more excited performing on this tour than the Gra*mys:

    Here’s the video of the adorable banter between Taylor and Aaron #TStheErasTour

    Twitter: @swifferupdates / Via @stevenisaacohen / tiktok.com

    "Oh my god, you just threw sooo much shade at the Grammys. That's sooo crazy. You're gonna get sooo canceled. What's gonna happen to you now?" Taylor joked.

    4. When she clarified that despite what fans say online, she does, in fact, love the Evermore album:

    Taylor Swift’s on hating “evermore” allegations: — “Taylor hates evermore. What’s your evidence? She did not wish evermore a Happy Birthday”

    @blessedswifty / Via Twitter: @blessedswifty

    5. When she messed up the bridge of "Death by a Thousand Cuts" and went on to sing it two more times:

    since taylor messed death by a thousand cuts up, it means she will have to perform it again at some show right???😭

    @midnightstrack2 / Via Twitter: @midnightstrack2

    6. When she referenced "The Great War" Ticketmaster joke before playing it as a surprise song:

    📹 | Taylor Swift introducing ‘The Great War’ and knowing the joke fans made about Ticketmaster using the song #TampaTSTheErasTour

    @TSwiftNZ / Via Twitter: @TSwiftNZ

    Taylor said, "You know, this song really took on a new meaning when you guys made enough jokes about you guys trying to get tickets for this tour felt like 'surviving The Great War.'"

    7. When she accidentally told the crowd to make noise for Gracie Abrams instead of Gayle, who opened the show that night:

    taylor messing up by saying gracie opened up (when it was gayle)

    @ev3rhaze / Via Twitter: @ev3rhaze

    "The incredible, the elegant, the amazing Gracie Abrams," Taylor said, even though Gayle opened the show.

    8. And later realized her mistake and joked that she only has 13 brain cells:

    🏟️| Earlier Taylor mixed up Gracie as being the opener instead of Gayle and ended up apologising before Champagne Problems - saying she only has 13 brain cells tonight which is fitting as it is the 13th lol #Taylorswift

    @swifferupdates / Via Twitter: @swifferupdates

    "Tonight, 13 is also the exact number of brain cells that I have because earlier, I told you that Gracie Abrams opened the show. That is not correct. That is absolutely not correct. Gayle opened the show, and she was phenomenal. And I feel so awful that I'm gonna get both Gracie and Gayle and also beabadoobee (because she had to bear witness to this in some proximity) lots of presents because I feel terrible, and I love Gayle, and she's a fellow Nashville girl, and she's such a legit singer-songwriter. Can we please give it up for Gayle?"

    9. When she said that one of her albums has been on her mind a lot lately and then proceeded to play the title track from Speak Now 👀:

    TAMPA NIGHT 1 SURPRISE SONG 1: SPEAK NOW Taylor says this album has been on her mind a lot 💜😉 #TSTheErasTour #TSTheErasTourTampa

    @holly_caitlin / Via Twitter: @holly_caitlin

    "So, I've been thinking a lot about one of my albums recently. One of my albums has been on my mind a lot. I've been thinking about it. Lots going on in my brain about it. I thought I might play the title track of that album," Taylor said. Fans have been speculating that Speak Now will be the next re-recording release.

    10. When adjusting her outfit, Taylor said, "Just trying to look nice for my guys and gals and non-binary pals."


    @folklaurens / Via Twitter: @folklaurens

    11. When she cracked her knuckles during "Cruel Summer" and announced that the crowd has arrived to the first bridge of the evening:

    12. And lastly, when she was transported to the stage in a cleaning cart:

    @TheSwiftSociety / Via Twitter: @TheSwiftSociety

    Yep, it's been confirmed. Windex and Clorox have officially been dethroned.

    Which has been your favorite Eras Tour moment? Let me know in the comments below!

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