Just 17 Perfect, Hilarious Reactions To Taylor Swift's "All Too Well: The Short Film"

    "Being a Swiftie is a difficult task, but I know God gave me this journey for a reason."

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    Good morning, and Happy Taylor Swift Week. Obviously, you know Taylor dropped RED (Taylor's Version), which included the 10-minute version of "All Too Well."

    Well, she ALSO released All Too Well: The Short Film, starring Dylan O'Brien and Sadie Sink. The beautifully shot, Easter egg-riddled masterpiece chronicles the dissolution of a relationship and ultimately has everyone feeling 13,000 emotions.

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    Obviously, Twitter had memes, reactions, and more. Here are some of the best:


    Dylan O’brien’s script in the kitchen scene of All Too Well:

    Twitter: @brickium
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    taylor swift is better than me i'd have flipped the table over

    Twitter: @mitskilled / Via UMG


    Twitter: @swieder13


    me : okay i can do it !! also me after #AllTooWellTheShortFilm :

    Twitter: @mordekaiiiiii / Via UMG


    Dylan O’Brien preparing for the role like: #alltoowellSHORTFILM

    Twitter: @KfSwiftie


    Thank you so much for all the love on my premiere as “woman who thinks she’s tree” in the All Too Well Short film ❤️❤️❤️

    Twitter: @saggiesplinters / Via UMG


    Twitter: @rosedommu / Via UMG


    Joe Alwyn watching Taylor Swift destroy Jake Gyllenhaal’s peace for the second time in 10 years: #RedTaylorsVersion

    Twitter: @Laurparkerr / Via Republic


    “Sorry, i can’t go out, i have plans.” My plans:

    Twitter: @carlyylalaa / Via UMG


    two stories, same villain #AllTooWellShortFilm #SpidermanNoWayHome

    Twitter: @tayspetsch / Via UMG / Marvel


    Blondie you won @taylorswift13 #AllTooWell #alltoowellSHORTFILM #AllTooWellTenMinuteVersion

    Twitter: @themoonchild_


    Twitter: @swiftespos


    dylan o’brien and jake gyllenhaal if they ever come face to face

    Twitter: @bolandswift


    all too well: the short film just gets better when you remember dylan o’brien apologized right after it screened

    Twitter: @mymyatwaterIoo

    Context: At the premiere, Dylan took the mic and said, "I'm sorry."


    I………..I feel like it was illegal to watch the atw film. I feel like I intruded and wasn’t supposed to know all that. I deserve jail time even

    Twitter: @Mackting


    yesterday she released an oscar worthy short film and today shes singing about virgins on snl what is going on in the taylor swift cinematic universe

    Twitter: @ursleightofhand

    17. So, in conclusion:

    Twitter: @nocontxt99 / Via NBC

    That's all! Now go stream, watch, and worship All Too Well: The Short Film.

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