16 Tattoo Fails That Made Me Gasp


    1. When word order matters:

    Tattoo fails are my favorite 😂

    Twitter: @JimmeyTallon

    2. When Ariana Grande got a tattoo of "Japanese BBQ finger":

    Why... how... now Ariana’s tattoo reads “Japanese BBQ finger” 💅

    3. And when this person accidentally got "General Tso's chicken" tatted on their arm:

    Y’all leave #ArianaGrande alone! She is a magic unicorn goddess dang it! If she wants “BBQ grill” or “Japanese BBQ finger” let her have it 🤣🤣 After all, my tat says “General Tso’s Chicken” 😝😝😝 #yum #fatkid #Foodie #foodporn #tattoo #tattoofail

    4. When your Jim Morrison tattoo looks like this:

    Oh no... #JimMorrison #TheDoors #Tattoofail #tattoo

    Twitter: @rocckmebaby

    5. When your tattoo has a double typo:

    6. And your Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft tattoo looks like this:

    Ummm...can he have a re-do? #Tattoo #TattooFail

    7. When Jessie J’s lyric tattoo said “loose” instead of “lose”:

    8. When your Harry Potter tattoo looks like this:

    9. When your hair plays a big role in this odd tattoo:

    10. When your tattoo is supposed to be a cat smoking, but it looks like this:

    11. And when you get this...whatever this is:

    12. When this gamer spelled "Delaware" wrong:

    Finished my half sleeve today, going to carry it up my arm at some point but so far it looks amazing. (Vintage map as a reference on the spelling) @ChristiaNation_ did some awesome work🤙🏼

    13. And when "permanent" is spelled wrong:

    14. When the font matters, deeply:

    there’s a lad at the pool who’s basically crying over his drunk tattoo, not because it’s spelled wrong or that it looks infected, but because it’s in Comic Sans

    15. When your sports tattoo is wrong:

    And in today's edition of #TattooFail is this guy

    16. When the drawing skills just aren't there: