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12 Suuuper Awkward Moments From The 2018 American Music Awards

It's an award show, so of course there's awk moments.

1. Taylor Swift opened the show and slayed, but the beginning audio was messed up:

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

For an opening performance this is terrible audio wow, or can she really just not sing 😏 #AMAs

Is it me or has audio grown to suck on these awards shows? I can barely hear the performers when they’re on over the screams. #AMAs

2. Camila Cabello almost fell walking up the stairs:


3. The camera man seemed to have screwed up during Mariah Carey's performance:

Mariah's vocals had the cameras shaking. Literally. Skinny legends only #AMAs

4. Macaulay Culkin presented (and did the most on the carpet) and people were like??????


Wait, why is Macaulay Culkin here??? #AMAs

5. Billy Eichner, during his speech about voting in the midterm elections, said this about Shawn Mendes, who's Canadian:


6. People said Carrie Underwood kept looking less-than-impressed when the camera panned to her:


#AMAslive Carrie Underwood looks grossly unhappy, as usual, pretend-but-not-really-dancing in the crowd..

7. Rivals Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez showed up wearing the same color and sat across the aisle from each other👀👀👀:

Frederick M. Brown / Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

8. Post Malone messed up lip synching (allegedly):

9. A reporter asked NCT127 this awkward-ish question

The interviewer was asking nct if they were gonna bring dates and THEIR REACTIONS I’m crYing- nice save Jaehyun #AMAs

10. And it looks like one of the members got annoyed at having to re-film something on the carpet.

he bout to throw hands #NCT127_RedCarpet #AMAs

11. Taylor Swift had an awkward hug with Amandla Stenberg.


12. And finally, Taran Killam and Leighton Meester had to cut their skit short because the show was running long:


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