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People Are Sharing B.S. Survival Myths That Could Actually Get You Killed, And I'm Thankful I Read These

FYI: The "Triangle of Life" method is a myth.

Earlier this month, I wrote a post about people sharing examples of B.S. survival myths. Our BuzzFeed Community even gave some pretty good examples of survival stuff we've definitely all heard before but isn't really true.

Here's what they shared:

1. "If someone is missing, you don't need to wait 24 hours before reporting them missing. Report it as soon as you know they're missing."


2. "Don't stand in a doorway if there's an earthquake. This advice was only applicable to a certain type of house. It's better to duck underneath a piece of furniture."


3. "The 'triangle of life' method of taking cover isn't a thing, and it's not realistic."


Here's an expert disproving it:

View this video on YouTube

ANC / Via

4. "If you get bit by a snake, don’t suck out the venom — it could spread it through your bloodstream faster."


5. "People say to throw your backpack away if you’re being attacked by a bear to scare it. But if you get attacked, keep your backpack on if you can, it will protect your back and neck. There's no guarantee that throwing it away will distract the bear."


6. "Bear spray is way more effective when being attacked by a bear — even more than a gun. Aiming accurately with a gun isn't guaranteed, and the bear spray also won't kill the bear."


7. "Do NOT drink urine to prevent dehydration! Urine is highly salinated (contains lots of salt), like seawater, so it will only dehydrate you faster."


8. "If you’re stuck in your car in a snowstorm without water, don’t eat the snow to hydrate. It will aid in hypothermia and use up energy. Find a way to melt it. I keep a candle and an empty soup can in my winter survival kit for that reason."


9. "The whole idea of moss growing only on the north side of a tree and using that for direction if lost — it's a myth. Depending on the climate, the trees may not have moss or may be covered completely."


10. "If you ever give somebody the Heimlich maneuver, they also need to go to a doctor or hospital. It's a violent emergency move and can cause internal damage."


11. "Some may know this, but other don't. If you get impaled by something, DO NOT try to remove the object. You will make it worse and potentially bleed to death, depending on where you were stabbed, if you try and pull it out. Leave it be and get help."


12. "Opening windows during a Tornado. Even as a child growing up in the Midwest, I never understood this. I always thought, 'Doesn’t it let the high winds in?' I remember in first grade we had a tornado warning and some of the teachers where wasting time by opening windows. It's a myth! Close the windows."

13. "If you have an allergy and are exposed to your allergen (e.g. bee allergy) and are far away from a hospital, DO NOT delay calling 911 or heading to a hospital just because you feel ok."


14. "You should rub frostbitten skin. MYTH. Don’t ever rub frostbite. It occurs when ice crystals form in your skin and other tissues. Rubbing the injury causes more tissue damage as the ice crystals lacerate new cells."


15. "For the love of God, do not eat everything raw. If I see another episode of Bear Grylls eating a bat or bird as raw as sashimi, I think I'll go crazy. You should absolutely try your best to cook the food you've nabbed. Even if it's through an open fire for a few minutes."


What other tips are B.S.? Let me know in the comments below!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.