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    Students Are Sharing Moments When Classmates Didn't Know Their Webcams/Mics Were On And It's A Lot

    COME ON.

    With the majority of schools and universities turning to online learning due to COVID-19, there have been a lot of mishaps and awkward moments.

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    Last week, Reddit user @LargeFella asked people, "Students of Reddit, has anyone in your online classes had an 'Oh shit' moment after realizing their mic/camera was still on? If so, what were they doing?"

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    Here's what everyone said:

    "One of my classmates was talking to someone off-screen about how shitty the class is and how stupid our lecturer is. Her mic and camera were both on. She immediately left the meeting once she noticed."


    "Someone was unmuted while they started talking shit about someone else in the class before the teacher muted them."



    "Someone in one of our huge, official department meetings was unmuted. You could hear her boyfriend ask in the background, 'What are y’all doing?' She said, 'Just this stupid meeting — we not doin’ shiiiiieeettt.' It was hilarious. She got kicked out of the meeting though."


    "During an all-hands meeting, I screamed to my wife, 'I'M ON THE FUCKING PHONE,' which interrupted the CEO."



    "Webcam starts up, and there's just a massive dildo on the bed beside where this person was sitting behind them."


    "Girl started to full-on makeout with her boyfriend. I mean, under the shirt, heading to third base type shit. Our professor had to beg her to at least turn off her camera."



    "My daughter turned on her Zoom meeting for her very first class on her first day of seventh grade, saw the face of the student who was currently talking, and yelled, 'Not Victoria — I HATE Victoria!'"


    "My son decides to use his older brother for his show-and-tell bit, and yells for him without mentioning that he's in class with the webcam on and everything. So 20-year-old big brother comes trotting in, all shirtless and hairy, and managed to embarrass himself and surprise all the kids too."



    "A woman was watching the meeting with her webcam on and her husband walked in naked from the bathroom."


    "We had group presentations. One group was doing really poorly. One of the members gets done talking, thought he muted himself and turned off his camera, which he didn’t. He turns around and yells, 'Fuck this stupid-ass class.'"



    "Took my laptop to the bathroom. Everyone heard me poop."


    "A girl in my class decided to rip a colossal fart on mic, and the teacher had to mute everyone's mics to stop their laughter."


    "During AP History, we saw a classmate jerking off."


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    Have you experienced anything like these people in an online class? Tell us the story in the comments below — you might be featured in a future BuzzFeed post!

    Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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