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    People Are Sharing Things That Are "Straight Culture" And It's Straighter Than An Arrow

    Missing your hometown, hot coffee, and more.

    We love a little lighthearted dragging. And everyone on Twitter loves the "x is straight culture" meme format. Here are some of the funniest things people consider peak straight culture.

    Noah Centineo is straight
    Dia Dipasupil / WireImage

    1. This guy not knowing Doc Martens:

    2. This triple threat:

    straight boy culture is using 3 in 1 shampoo conditioner body wash, watching the fast and furious movies and punching holes in walls

    3. This bus:

    4. This naming:

    Couple that loves Olive Garden to name their daughter Olivia Garton.

    H/t to @aguirreryan.

    5. This gender reveal:

    Straight culture is a hellscape.

    6. This way too expensive gender reveal party:

    Couple paid around USD 95,000 to reveal the gender on Burj Khalifa, Dubai.

    7. These shirts:

    8. This emoji and Twitter mentality:

    straight culture is using 😂 unironically nd telling ur mate to remember u when theyre famous after their tweet gets 10 likes nd a rt

    9. And this mentality:

    Missing your hometown is straight culture.

    10. These margaritas:

    This is straight culture in my hometown boiled down to its essence

    11. This cover of WAP:

    OHHHH so THIS is straight culture! I get it now!

    12. This, um, yeah:

    13. This type of coffee:

    14. This "workout":

    this is straight culture brb as I try to resuscitate my IQ back up to the single digit it used to be

    15. These wine glasses:

    16. This method of walking up stairs:

    why do straight men love walking up the stairs two at a time

    17. And lastly...

    Ed Sheeran’s Perfect is straight culture

    Do you agree? Disagree? Is something missing? Let me know your thoughts — nicely — in the comments below!