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Still Unsure About What A VSCO Girl Is? Let Us Explain.

A VSCO girl is all about, like, self-aware basic-ness and good vibes.

If you're tapped into internet culture at all, you've probably heard the new term "VSCO girl." It originally started as just a term to describe a girl who uses the photo editing app "VSCO," but it's transformed into a set of personality traits, meme-like qualities, and behaviors.

From what I've gathered — from Instagram, Twitter, and other social media — VSCO girls are "basic" and they know it. At their core, they're self-aware, socially-conscious, eco-friendly, and masters at visually pleasing online aesthetics. Here's what else you should know:

1. They are all about positive vibes and creating a positive environment online:

vsco is such a positive environment: wanna constant post ab your boyf? yes girl you go. wanna only post ab your pup? heck yes we’re here for this. wanna post ab every meal you eat? plz gal I wanna see that açaí bowl. it allows you to be who you are w no judgment & that’s amazing

2. They say "SKSKSK" and "and I ooop":

no one: absolutely not a soul: vsco girls:

"SKSKSK" is supposed to be a keyboard smash, which originated in the black community, and "And I oop-" is the famous Jasmine Masters meme.

3. They love being eco-friendly:

ok but i really like VSCO girl culture?? it really encourages being eco friendly and supportive to women? the sleepovers, the advice girls r giving to others... the whole aesthetic is so sunshiny and friendly and the clothes r cute too

4. This means flaunting reusable water bottles:

5. And metal or paper straws:

-Use paper/metal straws (save the turtles 🤭🐢)

6. They LOVE when the sky changes:

girls with vsco accounts when the sky changes color

7. ...because they're all about aesthetic:

8. Scrunchies are a must:

9. Their style is more casual, which means oversized T-shirts:

10. Vans:

11. Or Crocs:

12. Messy hair:

13. Shell necklaces:

14. Their backpack of choice is Kanken brand:

Now is the vsco trend to wear the backpack 🎒 from “Kanken”

15. And their laptops are all always covered in cute stickers:

16. VSCO girls often skate:

17. And wear a shitload of these bracelets:

18. They love a good positivity quote:

In conclusion, I'm kind of here for this new persona. They may get parodied online, but at their core, this new movement is one that encourages people to be environmentally conscious, kind, and positive. How could you not stan?

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