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    People Are Sharing Stereotypes They Hate About Their Country And It's Fascinating

    "That we are polite in Japan."

    On Saturday, Reddit user u/Kuzma_Pokajet asked, "What stereotypes do you hate about your country?" I never knew about some of these, so they're really fascinating to read.

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    Here's what people said:

    1. Canada:

    "I hate the stereotype of how we say 'out and about.' Americans all think we say 'oot and aboot.' I have never heard a Canadian say that. That's like saying all Americans say, 'Howdy.'"


    2. United States:

    "That we're all hyper-religious and that we love to go to war." 


    3. Australia:

    "We don't ride kangaroos to school, guys." 


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    4. Philippines:

    "Terrible combination of Catholic guilt and Asian shame." 


    5. New Zealand:

    "The stereotype about New Zealand being perfect made social media enjoyable during Auckland’s second lockdown, but it’s not good for us on the whole. We suck hard in a lot of ways, and so many people don’t have the will to fix those things." 


    6. Germany:

    "I get nervous when people mention German discipline, punctuality, etc. because I hate to disappoint."


    7. Poland:

    "We're not Anti-German. WWI was almost 90 years ago, and Germany supplies a lot of products, people go there for work, and learning German is mandatory in elementary school."


    8. Russia:

    "I hate when I mention I'm Russian somewhere and that one person replies, 'Vodka, medved, balalajka, or Putin.' Please, holy hell, stop. That's not funny."


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    9. South Africa:

    "There's two: Either that we sit around all day with beer bellies having BBQs, or that we are all ripped, ride elephants and lions to school and work, and live in dirt huts."


    10. Japan:

    "That we are polite in Japan. If you have lived here, you would know that it isn't true."


    11. Mexico:

    "Yellow photography/filter in movies."


    Chris Hemswork holding a gun in a scene set in Mexico with a yellow atmospheric filter

    12. Britain:

    "We don't only like tea and crumpets. We don't idolize the queen, and we don't still live in the Victorian era."


    13. Brazil:

    "That all we love is samba and soccer, that we live in the middle of the jungle, and that Brazil is only São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro."


    14. Iran:

    "Iranian here. The movie 300 had a bunch of incorrect stereotypes. They completely fucked up the truth about how Iranians at the time looked, acted, and almost everything else about it. The Iranian king did not have multiple (random?) tattoos and piercings or look like an oiled male stripper. They weren't 8 feet tall. And we are not savages."


    The king in 300
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    15. Turkey:

    "We are not Arabian. We don't use camels or turbans the way they do. We use our language, not the Arabic one. We are not living in a country that rules with religion. There are a lot of people who can't understand this."


    16. Italy:

    "That we are all in the Mafia and that we can all cook. Two days ago, I burned a pot trying to boil an egg because I forgot the water."


    Do YOU hate any stereotypes about your country? Let me know in the comments below!

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