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    The Hilarious Spirit Halloween Costume Is Going Strong, And I'm Living For It

    The best meme of the year.

    If you've been on Twitter lately, you've probably noticed an emerging new meme — the Spirit Halloween costume meme. On Wednesday, I rounded up some of my favorites.

    Twitter: @edroso

    Well, people kept sharing them, so here are 17 more iconic examples:

    1. "Your Ex"

    Twitter: @Noorthevirgo

    2. "Oldest Sibling":

    this is what an oldest sibling looks like

    Twitter: @MelissaOng69420

    3. "Inquisitive Girlfriend":

    Twitter: @whotfisjovana

    4. "My Dad":

    Twitter: @djnickdavis_

    5. "Rory Gilmore":

    rory gilmore halloween costume just arrived

    Twitter: @thinkergilmore

    6. "The Guy I Was Telling My Friends About Two Weeks Ago":

    Twitter: @heymistr_

    7. "Ad Tech Douchebag":

    I left TV roughly 12 years ago. I left Hollywood roughly 5 years ago. In Big Data Tech now and this is the most accurate Halloween Costume I’ve ever seen…

    Twitter: @ReallyActivist

    8. "Male Economics Professor In Their 30s":

    Twitter: @Wootenomics

    9. "Really Good Friends":

    Twitter: @morgan_sung

    10. "Sandwich Artist":

    Twitter: @SUBWAY

    11. "Mirrorball" by Taylor Swift:

    the perfect halloween costume

    Twitter: @swifterous / Via Frazer Harrison/Getty Image

    12. "Therapy patient":

    Depression isn’t a Halloween costume @SpiritHalloween

    Twitter: @SopranosWorld

    13. "Iced Coffee":

    It’s the hopes and dreams for me 😂👻🎃🍂 #SpiritHallowmeme #SpiritHalloween #IcedCoffee

    Twitter: @CoffeeOvrCardio

    14. "Mouthy Electrician":

    Don’t try that #SpiritHalloween shit with me

    Twitter: @WhatAreYouDeaf

    15. "Campaign Finance Staffer":

    *non-derogatory* Damn Spirit Halloween is expensive AND scary

    Twitter: @hazelnutwi

    16. 432 Park Ave:

    Twitter: @EmpireStateBldg

    It's home to a myriad of problems.

    17. And lastly, Spirit Halloween itself:

    Twitter: @SpiritHalloween

    Which is your fav? Let me know in the comments below!