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16 College Students Who Are Just Struggling...Hard

"When a ceiling tile falls on your head in class..."

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2. And this girl, whose mom literally rearranged her room for her dog once she left for school:

I'm in college for not even a month & my mom rearranges my entire room just for my dog

3. This guy, who had the ceiling fall on him in class:

When a ceiling tile falls on you head in class. @IUPUI


7. And these two, who had too many ~reinforcements~.

my friend sent me these pictures of how her college life is going and I'm in tears

8. This guy, who hasn't really figured out dorm livin' yet:

Visual representation of how my first week of college is going


10. And this guy, who is making the best of what he's got:

My friend just moved back in at college, and he is already STRUGGLING

12. And this girl, who's a baseball legend.

My parents: oh I'm so happy for you it seems like you're doing rlly well in college so far!!! Me behind the scenes:


13. This absent-minded class:

An excerpt of an email I just got from my professor 😂

14. And this girl, who submitted a paper on why swimming is better than basketball, instead of her assigned topic:

Just so you all know, to top the iceing of my 2 week of college I sent my professor a paper about swimming rather t…

15. This girl, who already got a zero because she clicked the "back" button:

when u accidentally open a quiz and try and go back to take it but it's locked. i love college. i'm really crying b…

16. And last but not least — this girl, who's just really going through a lot:

an update on how college is going for me in snaps