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16 People Who Had Such Embarrassing Moments That It'll Make You Legit Shake Your Head

This bunch takes embarrassing to a new level.

Last week, Twitter user @Austin_James74 asked people to share their most embarrassing moments. Trust me, they are hilarious.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?

1. The first bump/mic:

2. The cheek moment (!!!):

@Austin_James74 I ran into this guy at the bar that I went to k-12 with, and we always have a small conversation when we bump into each other. I told him good luck on beer pong, and he stuck his cheek out for me to kiss it. I didn’t know what to do so I just pressed my cheek against his. 💀💀

3. The leg comment:

@Austin_James74 I was working retail & a woman walked in on crutches & stood at a display, checking out the merch. I asked how she was doing & she said "fine." "Except for the leg, huh?" I asked and she didn't respond. Then I walked around the display & saw she only had one leg.

4. The "love you":

@Austin_James74 Went to pick up a delivery order. As the girl behind the counter handed me my food, my brain got confused between saying "lovely thanks" and "thank you". I said "love you" then reversed out of the shop at 200mph and cringed myself to death.

5. The awkward pizza delivery:

@TheMomoftheHour @jeffreyd @Austin_James74 I’m a pizza delivery driver, and I was delivering to an older lady that I had delivered to before, and I went to hand her the pizza and she didn’t grab it. I stood there for a solid 3 minutes trying to get her to take the pizza before her husband told me she was blind 🤦🏽‍♀️

6. The escalator fiasco:

@Austin_James74 I started a new job and at the end of day 1, accidentally went UP a DOWN escalator ( tbf, it was energy saving ,so was stationary when i got on it) New colleagues stared as i ran on the spot, half way up a moving escalator for what seemed like several hours!

7. The heels fail:

@Austin_James74 Well this happened last week 🤷🏾‍♀️ I was wearing heels and walking in the caf at work. I stumbled and fell flat on my face. I was so embarrassed I laid on the floor acting like I fainted 😅 everyone crowded around me and I was forced to go to the ER

8. The pasta snot:

@Austin_James74 Went on my first dinner date at 17. Wanted to make a good impression. Laughed during the meal and some pasta shot out my nose and landed on her hand. If that happened today it would be Epic but not back then.

9. The crash:

@Austin_James74 As I drove out of the petrol station I noticed a really good looking lad filling up his car. For some weird reason and completely against how I normally behave, I blew him a kiss then proceeded to drive straight into the back of a taxi.

10. The joke fail:

@Austin_James74 Another one. I was 14 and my friend an I were walking along the street and some pervy looking middle aged man tooted his horn at us from a white van, so I gave him the finger. My friend said ( you guessed it ) ‘That’s my dad.’

11. The aggressive X-Ray machine:

@Austin_James74 This wasn’t the most, but it happened recently. The rotating X-ray machine at the dentist snatched my wig off. I had to stay still so I couldn’t grab it. I can still see the DA looking at me through the window. I know she wanted to laugh.

12. The skirt girl:


13. The vomit panic:

@Austin_James74 I was on a date for the first time in months. He bought me a shot. It was awful and after I swallowed it I immediately threw it back up. But I caught the vomit in my mouth before it exited my body. I panicked and sat there for 5 mins with vomit in my mouth

14. The Christian mixup:

@Austin_James74 First day of drivers ed. The teacher goes, “Who’s Christian?” I thought that was a weird question, but I figured Jesus would want me to stand up for my beliefs. So I raised my hand. Then I realized she was taking roll.

15. The food fail:

@Austin_James74 Slipped and fell on my butt in a Shoneys with a full plate of food and instead of helping me up, this old guy asked if I could do it again so he could record it

16. And finally, this whole interaction:

@Austin_James74 “On my Bible. It’s not the size of the book it’s how you read it”. I wanted to drop my hair dryer into my bathtub that night. Update: he now lives in Atlanta with husband and two labradoodles. And I never went back to church. The end!

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