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50 Things You Do In College That Are Pure, 100% Freshman

"What's your major?!"

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1. Your mom def took a pic of you in front of your dorm, and by some fountain, and then actually IN your dorm room...

2. ...and then next to your school's statue...

3. ...and if you were REALLY lucky, you even copped a shot with your school's mascot.

4. You Instagrammed yourself with your brand new friends who you were sure would basically be your ~sisters for life~.

5. You Facebook-stalked your entire class rosters.

6. And did an ESPECIALLY THOROUGH investigation on your future roommate.

You had a VERY hard stance on their choice of prom dress.

7. You also friended literally anyone who BREATHED in your direction.

8. You Insta'ed or snapped a heavily-filtered pic of your school, saying, "I made the right choice!!! #blessed".

9. Every conversation you had during orientation either started with, "Where are you from?" or "What's your major?"

10. You dressed up for shitty frat parties.

Tube top? Cork wedges? A true fashion *moment*.

11. You sported WAAAAAAAYYYYY too much school ~swag~.

12. You constantly turned to on-campus maps, apps, and a kind-looking admissions lady for directions.

13. You got lost at a tailgate. Several times.

14. You spent some late nights completing that pesky mandatory substance abuse course.

15. You over-posted about orientation on social media.

"Wow, looks fun, sweetie!" — probably your Aunt Karen, via Facebook

16. You did the LITERAL đź‘Ź MOST đź‘Ź in class, whether it was color-coordinating your highlighters for studying or actually reading all your reading assignments.

17. You went to a club fair and registered for ALL OF THEM. (And you'll still get emails from the scuba diving club years later.)

18. Okay, we know this is kinda specific, but if you couldn't get into the local bar, you and all your fellow frosh went to some shady hookah bar instead.

At least, we did.

19. You were afraid of any and all seniors. No question.

20. Unless one flirted with you. Then you were all about them.

21. And if you HOOKED UP with one, you were considered *freshman royalty*.

22. You had your first fashion rebellion, like dyeing a strip of your hair a bright color or piercing your nose with your friends in the dorm bathroom.

23. You walked everywhere because you lived on campus and didn't have any older friends with cars.

24. You repped your high school sportswear around campus and didn't realize how embarrassing it was...

25. ...whilst rocking a lanyard.

26. You asked your professor if you could go to the bathroom.

27. You’ve bonded with others over hating your school ID picture.

28. You bought all your million dollars-worth of books early.

29. You did THE MOST at parties.


30. Your schedule was basically all 8 AMs since freshmen registered last.

31. You've been caught Juuling in the library (or know several people who did).

32. You had a full-on floortationship™ with your neighboring boys' or girls' floor...

33. ...and you always invited them along to parties.

34. Like, you literally went out in packs of 15.

35. Your school supplies game was the envy of all.

36. You overate. And probably gained a couple lbs.

37. Career fairs were actually exciting to you. (Ya know, instead of being a reminder of the near-certain reality of post-college unemployment.)

38. You planned/aspired to graduate summa cum laude, not knowing that it probably definitely wouldn’t happen.

39. You basically fell in love with the first person who noticed you.

40. You’ve puked in multiple obscure locations.

41. You joined a shitload of club teams and then dropped them after the first practice.

42. At sports games, you sat with the locals, but were dressed super school-spirited.

43. You complained about 100-level classes, not realizing they're sofa king easy.

44. You went into college with an insanely hard major, but will probably come out with a totally different (prob easier) one.

45. You were either suuuuper close with your RA... or got written up at least once:

46. You drank the cheapest alcohol, like Burnett's, Natty Light, etc.

47. You acted like you were such a well-versed drinker, when in reality:

48. You came to college with a jumbo pack of condoms (that your mom probably bought you).

49. You’ve gotten locked out of your dorm at least once.

When you get locked out of your dorm room in a robe #hahha @taylorteague_33

50. And lastly, you or someone else you know had this Animal House poster in their dorm room:

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