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    People Are Sharing Small, Subtle Behaviors That Scream "I'm Rich"

    $320k for a watch?!?

    Last week, I wrote a post about people answering, "What small thing screams, 'I’m rich'?" Our BuzzFeed Community came through with some spot-on examples of their own in the comments.

    Here's what they shared:

    1. "You can tell someone is rich if they're dressed poorly inside an exclusive club and they are served as the most important person there."


    2. "I work in banking, and it’s always the affluent that get up in arms over the most minuscule fee or cost of banking. Yet their account types waive pretty much every service fee and then some, yet the people who are struggling get charged an arm and a leg. I hate my industry."


    3. "Those with black cards don't usually talk about, notice, or use the perks of a black card."


    4. "As a person who came from 'old money,' only shallow people who want to get noticed, go logo-crazy. Money talks, but wealth whispers. Some people feel like they have to scream, but ain’t fooling anyone."


    man laughing at fancy meal

    5. "I lived near a rich person, who had a much bigger house than everyone, had a pool, and new cars every year. But what drove me crazy was every week this family of four put seven or eight garbage cans at the curb. They're buying a lot, so there was a lot of packaging to throw away."


    6. "'We aren’t going anywhere exciting, just to the other house in ___.' I had a coworker casually throw that out when I asked what they were doing for the long weekend. Their second house is about a 1,750-mile flight away. They planned the trip last minute — like the travel and owning a second home were nothing."


    couples at a cocktail hour

    7. "Rich people yard sales are the worst. They don't know what a bargain is and everything is overpriced."


    8. "The rich don’t put a lot of actual money in the bank. The return is very low. They invest in the stock market."


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    9. "Herb Caen was a columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle. He had a gossip column for the wealthy. He wrote about the Ladies Who Lunch, who represent billions of dollars in fortunes, and how when it came to the end of the lunch, NOBODY would reach for the check. I don't remember how they settled up, but nobody wanted to pull out the card and pay."


    10. "I had a rich friend in high school. Every time they moved, their dad bought a new car. I think it was more convenient for them to just buy new cars instead of driving it over to the new house. We once went to a mall with their parents, and their dad suggested we go to the super, super pricy steakhouse for dinner. Their dad didn't get why I — a 15-year-old at the time — felt uncomfortable ordering $80 worth of food for myself on a normal Thursday night."


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    11. "Truly wealthy people always wear clothing that fits perfectly, and it's not necessarily that designer clothes tend to fit better (which they often do), wealthy people will get everything tailored — even basic T-shirts to fit their own bodies perfectly."


    12. "Rich people will wear an expensive watch that isn’t a Rolex. Rolexes are how rich people, or not even rich but 'had-a-good-year' show off wealth to poor people. A truly wealthy person will have a Patek or AP Royal Oak or a Mueller, and not necessarily even a flashy one."


    an expensive watch

    13. "Working at a luxury resort, one thing I’ve noticed is that the people who want to give the air of being very wealthy will have lots of designer patterns on their clothes and accessories, like Louis Vuitton print, but almost all of the truly ridiculously wealthy people will basically wear nondescript leisure wear and really plain-looking clothes (like plain jeans and tees with no logos)."


    14. "A rich person at work will not be wearing a suit — in a room full of people in suits."


    Did they miss any examples? Share them with us in the comments below!